NNENN at 3FM with Anoûl

February 2nd, 2017

On Tuesday night, we were invited in the 3FM studios by radio host Anoûl Hendriks. The program “In the shadow of” is a solution for artists like us, who have a identical track title. In our case, Lady Gaga made a song called “You and I” in 2011. We made a song with the same title and thanks to Anoûl it got a bit more attention. It was great to meet the young DJ and we had lot’s of fun in the 3fm studio, once again.

You can listen to it again over here:

(It’s in Dutch)







Working on our new EP

January 16th, 2017

Good news: In March, we’ll be releasing our brand-new EP. Alongside, we’ll be releasing our third music video for the title track called Shine Down Back on Me. Director Krischan, of whom we’ve told you about in a previous post, is busy editing the takes as we speak. Even more to look forward to: In april, we’ll be touring through Holland and Germany to promote our new music. (If you know or if you are a venue that would love to invite us, please let us know: nnenn@oninternet.nl)

At the moment, Johanneke is in Germany to get inspired by the lovely surroundings of Kleve and write for the new EP. Tomorrow, she and Tonny will be recording the results of the writing sessions. Here’s an impression of the landscape, try not to get jealous 😛


NNENN is moving out!

January 16th, 2017

Sadly, we had to move out of the place where we used to live and work for two years. Luckily, we found a new place in Deventer for the studio with a great view on the river. Speaking of inspiration… We’ll keep you posted on our new adventures and will be posting a picture of our new view soon!


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Shooting NNENN video #3

December 21st, 2016

This weekend, we did the takes for our new music video Shine down back on me. We could use great locations as we started at a workplace that belongs to The Loch, Enschede, where the works of artist Jelle de Graaf are stalled. It was pretty cold inside already, but Johanneke had to walk bare-feet on a frozen path outside as well. Let’s say that was a challenge 😉 A day later, we moved to the (cozy and warm) home of our set-dresser Stefanie and eventually, we did takes on the road. Pretty exhausted, but with a smile on our faces, we went home. We can’t wait to see the first results. Thanks a lot to the whole crew: Stefanie Hatzis (set dresser), Michel Geurts (concept designer), Jonathan de Haan (co-director), Maurice Vlot (crew), Jelle Kaufmann (crew), Adriaan Epleptic (crew), Floor Pieper (make-up artist), Skip Stein (crew), Jelle de Graaf (artist), Jurriaan Westerveld (band), Pascal Schouten (band) and of course the one that initiated the whole project: Krischan de Beer (film maker).


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Brainstorm for new music video!

November 22nd, 2016

As you know, we hardly sit still. Popronde hasn’t come to a end yet and we’re already making plans for a new music video with director Krischan de Beer. It’s all utterly exciting 🙂 Here, Krischan is showing Tonny sketches based on conversations we had about our new song Cold, cold heart, that may as well be called Shine down back on me eventually; it’s all a work in progress, we can’t wait to be able to tell you more about it!

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Popronde #11 and #12 Enschede!

November 19th, 2016

Yesterday, we were asked to do the Popronde preview in Enschede, because the initial band couldn’t come. We joyfully accepted the invitation and thus played in the greatest bookstore of Enschede, Boekhandel Broekhuis. Famous Enschede photographer Cyril Wermers took some pictures:
15110993_1323041374407187_7016912798326967808_o 15123262_1323041367740521_7811516595922908480_o
We once played in a bookstore before, in our hometown Deventer: Boekhandel Praamstra. That was lovely too. Since Johanneke was born in Enschede and her parents and some family still live there, they invited us to eat with them in between the two shows. They also invited family from Nijmegen to watch the show in the evening, which was great fun. On top of it all, her brother and his wife and friends came to support us. The gig in the evening in Het Vestzaktheater turned out to be pretty exciting. Rein, the theater host had to send at least forty people away, because all the seats were taken. It was an intense last show, you could hear a pin drop and you could feel that the words were really heard. You wouldn’t probably imagine NNENN in a theater (we wouldn’t either), but it worked wonderfully well, so perhaps we’ll be doing that more often in the future 🙂 It was interesting to see that it worked to tell something about the songs and our album. On a festival, you don’t really do that much.
Pascal, Johanneke and family from Nijmegen captured by Marion
Pascal, Johanneke and family from Nijmegen captured by Marion 

After the show, we stayed in Enschede, hanging with some fellow musicians such as members of The Royal Engineers and the guys from The Grand East. One of them turns out to be our neighbor which is really funny, because we’ve never met in Deventer before. Popronde Enschede and Popronde Nederland, thank you so much for all the wonderful experiences, see you all the 26th of November in Amsterdam at the final party!

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Popronde #10 Zutphen!

November 7th, 2016

Mixxim thanks a lot! It was great to celebrate our tenth Popronde show on the first floor of a cocktailbar with such a great audience! People were joining us on our floor as well as downstairs and outside, looking through the windows. It was a whole new experience to focus on three places at once. Here’s a picture made by Marion Gerverdinck from the floor where we played.


Popronde #8 and #9 Rotterdam!

November 6th, 2016

Yesterday, we experienced three new things; 1. we played in a hostel 2. The hostel was situated in Rotterdam 3. we started the first gig at nine o’clock am. It turned out to be a lot of fun, but initially, it looked like we we’d never arrive in time; we had a little party of a good friend in Utrecht the evening before (we would spend the night in Rotterdam to be in time for the early gig) and after the party, we forgot the name of the parking-lot where we’d parked our car with the equipment. After some running around the crowded city, accidentally bumping on strangers, panicking about arriving too late for the check-in in the hostel, our asses were saved by some helpful strangers and by Google Maps. We arrived in time in Rotterdam, the trip went well and it was a relief to be in the super cosy Hostel Ani and Haakien where we were given bed sheets, the key of the room that we shared with some other people and the opportunity to put our equipment in the hostel office. Deadly tired, we fell asleep only to wake up by the sound of people snoring from time to time. On Saturday morning, the hostel manager suggested we’d play a little later than 9:00, to give people the chance to wake up first, so we did. While sound checking, the hostel cat made herself comfortable in the piano case. The show itself went pretty well. We were told that there’d not be any equipment, so we had some small boxes with us that we usually connect to our laptops to make them sound louder while watching a movie and connected the piano with a bass amplifier, which all worked wonderfully well. The show can be considered our first sort-of acoustic set 😉 While eating their toast and enjoying their cereals, people were attentive and happy to hear us. We sold two albums and gained our first Swedish and Canadian fan.

Johanneke with Nina from Sweden

We spent the rest of the day eating roti, talking to people in the hostel and sleeping on the comfortable couch to prepare for the gig in the evening where Jurriaan would join us. For this gig that also took place in the hostel, we could borrow the equipment from the band Orange Maplewood who played after us, to make a little more noise. Thanks a lot, guys! While we played, a man that had seen us before in the morning was skyping with his children in China and showed us to them. We can say now that we’ve been heard live in Asia. We also discovered that two men in the audience saw us for the third time this Popronde tour. One of them said he wanted to check us out in Zutphen today as well. Crazy shit! After some good conversations with people from the staff and visitors, we returned home, feeling like we’d just made a trip around the world.

Can you spot us?

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Sketches of a new song

November 5th, 2016

While chilling after a rehearsal, Johanneke tried a melody on her phone. Later, we worked it out in the studio. It’s now part of our new song Cold, cold heart, that you’ll soon hear more about. We’ll keep you posted!



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Popronde #7 Oss!

October 31st, 2016

Sadly, we couldn’t play in Leiden, because Tonny was ill. He slept for three days in a row. Luckily, he recovered in time for our gig at De Nieuwe Wereld in Oss. DNW is a great, hip place on the cozy town’s square that fits our music wonderfully well. While sound checking, they played Let it Happen by Tame Impala. It’s from their album Currents that we discovered while exploring the coast of France. We listen to it a lot at home too, so it made us feel at home as well as on vacation 🙂 Along with a proper PA system, there was a big sub woofer, which made Tonny’s sounds and beats come out great. We haven’t had the luxury of having a sub woofer on many Popronde occasions. While we opened our set, many more people entered the venue. If she wanted to, Johanneke could easily touch people’s noses in the audience 🙂 After the show, we talked to some of them and to our surprise, we sold five cd’s! Happy and inspired, we returned home.
Picture via instagram account @dnwoss

Next Popronde shows:

-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 09:00 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 19:45 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-06-11, Popronde Zutphen, 18:00 @Mixxim
-18-11, Popronde Enschede, 20:30 @Vestzaktheater


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