May 1st, 2016

This Sunday, we were invited by Martijn van Hese, director and founder of Partij voor Cultuur, to play and talk during the recordings of his fourth TV broadcast called PvC-TV. The “Partij voor Cultuur” is the biggest non-eligible party that denounces the meaning of culture in our society today. The recordings took place at the studio of artist Ronald A. Westerhuis from Zwolle, The Netherlands. Ronald makes humongous sculptures out of stainless steel. Other guests were Rob Scholte, an interesting artist who started a museum in Den Helder, The Netherlands, and Eric Blom, who makes programs for Dutch television. The subject of the broadcast was the role of the audience in relation to us; whether we paint, make music, TV programs or sculptures. It was an interesting experience to play our brand new song I’m Ready surrounded by Ronald’s work. Here’s a picture of us live, made by the friendly sound technician Henri Paarhuis.

NNENN by Henri Paarhuis