Popronde #10 Zutphen!

November 7th, 2016

Mixxim thanks a lot! It was great to celebrate our tenth Popronde show on the first floor of a cocktailbar with such a great audience! People were joining us on our floor as well as downstairs and outside, looking through the windows. It was a whole new experience to focus on three places at once. Here’s a picture made by Marion Gerverdinck from the floor where we played.


Popronde #8 and #9 Rotterdam!

November 6th, 2016

Yesterday, we experienced three new things; 1. we played in a hostel 2. The hostel was situated in Rotterdam 3. we started the first gig at nine o’clock am. It turned out to be a lot of fun, but initially, it looked like we we’d never arrive in time; we had a little party of a good friend in Utrecht the evening before (we would spend the night in Rotterdam to be in time for the early gig) and after the party, we forgot the name of the parking-lot where we’d parked our car with the equipment. After some running around the crowded city, accidentally bumping on strangers, panicking about arriving too late for the check-in in the hostel, our asses were saved by some helpful strangers and by Google Maps. We arrived in time in Rotterdam, the trip went well and it was a relief to be in the super cosy Hostel Ani and Haakien where we were given bed sheets, the key of the room that we shared with some other people and the opportunity to put our equipment in the hostel office. Deadly tired, we fell asleep only to wake up by the sound of people snoring from time to time. On Saturday morning, the hostel manager suggested we’d play a little later than 9:00, to give people the chance to wake up first, so we did. While sound checking, the hostel cat made herself comfortable in the piano case. The show itself went pretty well. We were told that there’d not be any equipment, so we had some small boxes with us that we usually connect to our laptops to make them sound louder while watching a movie and connected the piano with a bass amplifier, which all worked wonderfully well. The show can be considered our first sort-of acoustic set 😉 While eating their toast and enjoying their cereals, people were attentive and happy to hear us. We sold two albums and gained our first Swedish and Canadian fan.

Johanneke with Nina from Sweden

We spent the rest of the day eating roti, talking to people in the hostel and sleeping on the comfortable couch to prepare for the gig in the evening where Jurriaan would join us. For this gig that also took place in the hostel, we could borrow the equipment from the band Orange Maplewood who played after us, to make a little more noise. Thanks a lot, guys! While we played, a man that had seen us before in the morning was skyping with his children in China and showed us to them. We can say now that we’ve been heard live in Asia. We also discovered that two men in the audience saw us for the third time this Popronde tour. One of them said he wanted to check us out in Zutphen today as well. Crazy shit! After some good conversations with people from the staff and visitors, we returned home, feeling like we’d just made a trip around the world.

Can you spot us?

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Sketches of a new song

November 5th, 2016

While chilling after a rehearsal, Johanneke tried a melody on her phone. Later, we worked it out in the studio. It’s now part of our new song Cold, cold heart, that you’ll soon hear more about. We’ll keep you posted!



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Popronde #7 Oss!

October 31st, 2016

Sadly, we couldn’t play in Leiden, because Tonny was ill. He slept for three days in a row. Luckily, he recovered in time for our gig at De Nieuwe Wereld in Oss. DNW is a great, hip place on the cozy town’s square that fits our music wonderfully well. While sound checking, they played Let it Happen by Tame Impala. It’s from their album Currents that we discovered while exploring the coast of France. We listen to it a lot at home too, so it made us feel at home as well as on vacation 🙂 Along with a proper PA system, there was a big sub woofer, which made Tonny’s sounds and beats come out great. We haven’t had the luxury of having a sub woofer on many Popronde occasions. While we opened our set, many more people entered the venue. If she wanted to, Johanneke could easily touch people’s noses in the audience 🙂 After the show, we talked to some of them and to our surprise, we sold five cd’s! Happy and inspired, we returned home.
Picture via instagram account @dnwoss

Next Popronde shows:

-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 09:00 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 19:45 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-06-11, Popronde Zutphen, 18:00 @Mixxim
-18-11, Popronde Enschede, 20:30 @Vestzaktheater


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Popronde update

October 26th, 2016

So far, we’re blessed with great Popronde experiences on cool places all over the country.
This is another picture of our gig in Chez Ratatouille, Hengelo. It was taken by Lidewij Olive Photography, thank you Lidewij!


Next Popronde shows:

-27-10, Popronde Leiden, 22:30 @Meneer Jansen
-29-10, Popronde Oss, 21:45 @De Nieuwe Wereld
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 09:00 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 19:45 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-06-11, Popronde Zutphen, 18:00 @Mixxim
-18-11, Popronde Enschede, 20:30 @Vestzaktheater

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Popronde #6 Hengelo!

October 25th, 2016

Popronde Hengelo was even better than we hoped for! On a sunny afternoon, we arrived in the hidden theatre, called Chez Ratatouille that reminded us of a The Red Room in Twin Peaks, a fantastic, inspiring series, we just discovered last year. We truly enjoyed playing with the whole band. That hasn’t occurred often before. Our hosts took good care of us and made us lovely food and a dessert that’s still making our mouths watering, thinking back on it. (creamy Custard pudding and apple crumble pie with nuts), Again, we had an attentive, mixed audience (Johanneke’s brother arrived with his wife and their three children aged from 0 to 5). To our surprise, Bas and Maike from Productiehuis Oost-Nederland came by for support. Playing with all four definitely tastes like more! There were a lot of photographers that took some great shots, don’t you wish you’d have been there? 😉

Johanneke by Click Rick Photography

The whole band (sadly, Pascal is hidden behind a plant) by Click Rick Photography 

Jurriaan by Hiske van Keulen

Pascal by Click Rick Photography

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Spooky rehearsal with Jurriaan

October 21st, 2016

Tonight, we prepared for our next show in Hengelo that we expect to be a lot of fun, because the owners of the place are going to cook for us, the setting is a hidden theatre behind a design store, we’ll be playing with the whole band and… family and friends from the east of Holland will be joining us! We just can’t wait!



Popronde #5 Assen!

October 21st, 2016

Yesterday, we went to a cute café in Assen called Crazy Old Dutch. It had the tiniest stage you can possibly imagine. Luckily, only the two of us had to fit in. After some mixing and matching, we decided to place the piano in front of the stage which got Johanneke even closer to the people. The show went very well. It was beautiful to see people drifting away on the music, moving slowly. Afterwards, we spoke to a friendly old man that told us he’d enjoyed the show greatly, while his wife couldn’t stand it at all. That was funny and honest. After all, there is no accounting for taste 😉 He made us promise to come back to Assen soon. I’m sure we will! Thanks to Jan Lenting, a great photographer, you can get a sense of what it looked like. What do you think of Tonny’s cap? He’s bought it at our last concert in Koffie Leute Brauhaus, Utrecht.



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Popronde #4 Utrecht!

October 13th, 2016

Tonight, we played with Jurriaan in a cosy living room that could have been your crazy grandmother’s place. It’s called Koffie Leute Brauhaus and the people there are very friendly. Before we hit the stage, we enjoyed a nice, Asian meal that they’d prepared for us. We ate in a former greenhouse behind the cafe/living room from where we could hear A Fugitive play her set. When it was our turn to show up, we were lucky to meet a great, attentive audience. Some people that we hadn’t seen in years came to see us. That made it extra special. This is a picture at the end, when everyone except for us had left and we would extend the evening in Utrecht a little with drinks and good conversations in another café.


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NNENN on Roulette FM!

October 9th, 2016

Today, Johanneke was interviewed by Conjo Vergeer from Roulette FM. We talked (in Dutch) about Don’t Feel Guilty Love, our experiences with Popronde so far and the Popronde gig in Utrecht next Thursday. Please enjoy!