Popronde #2 and #3 Haarlem!

October 9th, 2016

Yesterday, we played two Popronde gigs in Haarlem. The first was with Pascal on drums in a very cool place with a lot of handcrafted things, that used to be a well-known Dutch warehouse called V&D. It’s now called Uiltje bij Gather.
The second one was in café De lange heer. Yannick, the Popronde guy that booked us, offered us his home so we could relax in between the gigs, which was great. The house appeared to be a very inspirational place that stores a record label and serves as an artist hotel too. If you want to know more about it, please visit: Geertruida. Next Popronde stop: Utrecht! (13-10-2016, 20:45 @Koffie Leute Brauhaus)

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Popronde #1 Delft!

September 24th, 2016

Our first Popronde show at Cafe Tango in Delft was one big adventure. “Shit was on”, said drummer Pascal, with whom we played for the very first time. Having caught an interesting glimpse of Nairobi Golf Kid, the band that played before us, it started off chaotic (two cars full of equipment and less than half an hour to build-up and soundcheck in a crowded café is a challenge, to say the least) “Welcome to the Popronde, you’ll get used to it”, they told us. During our first two songs you could hear a pin drop. We followed with heavier songs like “Don’t Drink the Ink” and “I’m Ready”. It was great to feel how much extra power you have when you play with a drummer. Pascal is not just a drummer; he meticulously feels which intention is required per song. Occasionally, he made his basins weep by sliding their edges with the cello bow. On that way, each of us could come into its own. There were moments where piano and cello became one. With the adrenaline from winning the Talent Award in Zwolle still fresh in her blood, Johanneke wasn’t nervous at all. This made it possible for everyone to simply enjoy playing together.

Johanneke winning Talent Award Overijssel

At times, she stepped into the audience to sing the words straight in the faces. We ended up playing a lot longer than planned with a great, attentive and clear-cut audience. On to the next!


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Popronde 2016

September 22nd, 2016

Tonight, we’ll play our first Popronde gig. We’ve been preparing a new set with Pascal on drums. We are really proud of the results of our rehearsals and can’t wait to show you the results. Also, Jurriaan Westerveld will join us on bass and cello again! We’re looking forward, see you there!

Popronde Agenda:

22-09 Popronde Delft, 23:45 Cafe Tango
08-10 Popronde Haarlem, tijd tba, Uiltje bij Gahter
08-10 Popronde Haarlem, tijd tba, De Lange Heer
13-10 Popronde Utrecht, 20:45 Koffie Leute Brauhaus
20-10 Popronde Assen, 21:45, Crazy old Dutch
27-10 Popronde Leiden, tijd tba, Meneer Jansen
29-10 Popronde Oss, 22:00, De Nieuwe Wereld
05-10 Popronde Rotterdam, 10:00, Hostel Ani en Hakien
05-10 Popronde Rotterdam, 14:00, Hostel Ani en Hakien
05-10 Popronde Rotterdam, tijd tba, Hostel Room
06-11 Popronde Zutphen, 18:00, Mixxim
18-11 Popronde Enschede, 20:30, Vestzaktheater

New NNENN clip – Don’t Feel Guilty Love (radio single) (Official)

September 2nd, 2016

Dear everyone, GREAT NEWS: our second music video for our brand new single Don’t Feel Guilty Love is out there for all of you! We’re truly proud and grateful for having worked with the great Local Androids and JJJ Sielcken. They all worked unbelievably hard, thank you so much, guys! Also, we’d like to thank Productiehuis Oost-Nederland and Rob Kramer for their support and their patience. We hope you’ll like it, feel free to share.



Music: NNENN (Johanneke ter Stege and Tonny Nobel)
Cello: Jurriaan Westerveld
Lyrics: Johanneke ter Stege
Instruments recorded @Studio Joneski

Directed / Filmed / Edited:
Local Androids | http://localandroids.com
Music producer: JJJ Sielcken
Co-producer and Sounddesigner: Tonny Nobel
Mastering: Frans Hendriks
LYRICS Don’t Feel Guilty Love:

You pull the heavy blankets up
you try to hide within yourself
you point at lines I shouldn’t cross
and block the road I used to walk

You set so many things on fire
search for wisdom while they burn
you strangle me, you curse yourself
throw empty bottles down the shelf

Don’t feel guilty, love
I can’t relate to what you’re feeling
so the cuts of your rage won’t cut so deep

You do not have to be afraid
I will not put you in a cage
you’ll fight the demons off your back
I’ll be around just like that

Don’t feel guilty, love
I can’t relate to what you’re feeling
so the cuts of your rage won’t cut so deep

Don’t feel guilty, love
I can’t relate to what you’re feeling
so the cuts of your rage won’t cut so deep

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Spending time with Jurriaan and Pascal

August 20th, 2016

It’s great jamming and rehearsing with Pascal and Jurriaan at Productiehuis Oost-Nederland. Especially when all of us (except for Johanneke who’s taking the picture) are wearing pony-tails.

Ton, Jur, Pas

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Awesome 3voor12 review

July 20th, 2016

Playing at the Fields of Joy festival was special. Not only because the audience visited us by boat (the stage was built on an island), also because Jurriaan joined us with cello and.. bass guitar! We’d been rehearsing for four days in a row to prepare for the gig, which worked out pretty well for us; we just received this lovely 3voor12 review that ends with: “NNENN is a great experience, I suggest you watch them play.” You can read it HERE (in Dutch).
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 20.35.11

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Recording DFGL at studio Joneski

July 4th, 2016

We had a great time recording Don’t feel guilty, love at studio Joneski. Here, you see both Jurriaans (Westerveld and Sielcken) bending over to do something with a bass guitar 🙂 So far, we have recorded drums, bass and piano. To be continued…

Jurriaan recording JJJSielcken

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Poetry Polder Slam

June 25th, 2016

Yesterday, we played at the Poetry Polder Slam that took place in the library in Hoofddorp. It was great to play for such an attentive audience. You could tell that the people were really listening to the lyrics. A girl cried. She bought our album afterwards and asked Johanneke all about the stories behind the postcards. The organization took great care of us with sushi and beer 😉

sushi poetry slam

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NNENN visiting Jurriaan Sielcken

June 23rd, 2016

Today, we visited producer Jurriaan Sielcken to talk about the best way to record our song Don’t feel guilty, love. It was an inspiring meeting, we’re looking forward to be working with him!

Bij Jurriaan

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NNENN at Fields of Joy

June 22nd, 2016

This summer, we’ll be playing at a cool festival in the East of Holland: Fields of Joy. We were asked by our friend, the great musician Arthur Adam, to have “as much fun on stage as we can”. We don’t think that will be hard, especially because Jurriaan will join us on stage!

When: the 16th of July, around 20:00
Where: “Het Hulsbeek”, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-22 om 20.00.32