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Awesome 3voor12 review

July 20th, 2016

Playing at the Fields of Joy festival was special. Not only because the audience visited us by boat (the stage was built on an island), also┬ábecause Jurriaan joined us with cello and.. bass guitar! We’d been rehearsing for four days in a row to prepare for the gig, which worked out pretty well for us; we just received this lovely 3voor12 review that ends with: “NNENN is a great experience, I suggest you watch them play.” You can read it HERE (in Dutch).
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Review Oranjepop 2015

April 28th, 2015

Wow what a review!!

We didn’t see that one coming, cause we played in a small tipi, had a 1-minute-soundcheck and there were no sub speakers. Also, Johanneke had to sit in front of the stage, because on the stage there was only enough space for Tonny. Nice and cozy it was, pretty interesting if you ask us.

Well, this is what Theo Miggelbrink and Bart Peeters from 3voor12 Gelderland had to say about it (in Dutch):

“Hierna speelt in de Tipi het duo NNENN. Dit is het hoogtepunt van wat deze tent vandaag te bieden heeft. Dit is misschien wel muzikaal het spannendste onderdeel van Oranjepop dit jaar. De triphopperige klanken van zang, piano en elektronica intrigeren het publiek. Daar doet het veelvuldig in- en uitlopen van de aanwezigen in de tipi niets aan af.”