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Poetry Polder Slam

June 25th, 2016

Yesterday, we played at the Poetry Polder Slam that took place in the library in Hoofddorp. It was great to play for such an attentive audience. You could tell that the people were really listening to the lyrics. A girl cried. She bought our album afterwards and asked Johanneke all about the stories behind the postcards. The organization took great care of us with sushi and beer 😉

sushi poetry slam


Releasedate Snapshots of Eternity: 13th of November

October 1st, 2015

This is a green screen, built by Andres Fouche, the director that we’re currently working with. The monkey skull was made by Marc Sokpolie. We’re shooting a clip for the title song of our album: “Snapshots of Eternity”. Yesterday, we went to Groningen to capture what tormenting an old piano looks like and tomorrow, we’ll be visiting swimming pool De Scheg in Deventer for some underwater takes. Pretty hectic and a lot of fun! Our album will be released on the 13th of November at Kunstenlab Deventer. We’ll start our album release in Deventer and in the months following, we’ll be crossing the country with our new show to promote the album. Stay tuned for news about the clip and our release tour!


Crowdfunding finished!

August 25th, 2015

We just came back from Berlin with lots of inspiration and found out officially that we finished our crowdfunding with 110%. So Freaking Cool! Thank you so much for your support and you sweet messages on our Voordekunst profile! Our book/album can be made now, it’s a dream coming true! Like we said before, it will be released in October! We keep you posted and hope to see you soon!
Here’s a picture from our trip to Berlin, please enjoy 🙂

Gebouw Berlijn


Crowdfunding update!

July 29th, 2015

The crowdfunding of our album is doing pretty well, we’ve reached 52% of our target amount! A big shout-out to everyone that contributed to this! Here’s a little thank-you video (in Dutch), please enjoy our clumsiness caused by the fact that it feels kinda weird to talk to you phone 😉


Pim came to visit

July 29th, 2015

This Sunday, Pim came to visit us for the last time. It’s been utterly inspiring to work with him, he gave us a lot of motivation to go on and he triggered ideas in us that would not have been there without him. We had a lot of fun too, so thank you so much, Pim, please enjoy your holiday, we’ll be missing you!

Pim in de studio

Tonny and Pim working

Pim in de studio II

Pim chilling out 😉


Few days off at Ameland

July 14th, 2015

We just arrived home after a few days off at the lovely Ameland, the island where Tonny was born and where his parents still live. Looking back, it was a good idea to take our minds off the music and go swimming, sailing, biking through the dunes and simply have fun, because now that we’re back, we feel more than ever prepared and inspired to finish our album. It was great to see that people have shared our crowdfunding link, thank you guys! But.. we’re not there yet, we’ve got 41 days and 91% of the target amount left, so please see for yourself if you’d like to share or donate so we can feel just as strong as Tonny is on this picture 😉

Tonny lifting wheels


Crowdfunding album

July 9th, 2015

Good news: We just set up our crowd funding account at Voordekunst! What’s Voordekunst? Voordekunst is an amazingly cool Dutch crowdfunding platform that supports artists with an interesting idea. In our case, that idea is our album: “Snapshots of Eternity” that we’ ve been telling you about for quite a while now 😉 It will be released in October. What’s special about it is the fact that it won’t be ‘just’ another album; it’s going to be a book that you can hang on your wall like some sort of a painting or calendar (or whatever you name it). To answer the questions on why we want to make such kind of an album, it may be good to have a little background information on us individually:

“I my work, I gather the most precious pieces of time and glue them together in images, words and music. NNENN is so inspiring to me, because my poems, pictures, piano and voice can all be integrated. Both Tonny and I were raised in a family where culture is important, that’s one of the things we recognized in each other. The fact that Tonny is both producer and sounddesigner makes our possibilities endless. In our process, the correlation between sound and music plays a big part. For example, we create soundscapes for my poems and put our music underneath nature documentaries to see how the images influence the sound. Also, we’re constantly brainstorming about possible stop-motion movies in which the notes/beats are portrayed as abstract forms.
We usually communicate through pictures what the music should sound like.”

“When it comes to music, I’ve always been fascinated by sounds that not yet exist. I create them by recording sounds that do exist and connecting them with electronics. For Johanneke, it’s always a challenge to react on my sounds with melodies, words, images and singing. Both my father and sister are artists and when I was a child, I used to choose my books on the illustrations instead of the stories. I think it’s very cool that everything seems to find its place in  NNENN. The slightly surreal effect of Johanneke’s pictures for example, fit the atmosphere of our music perfectly.”

We’d love to give you a full impression of our shared vision; we don’t want you to just hear it, we also want you to read and see it. There’s a reason why you pronounce NNENN as “and, and, and, and” in Dutch. So please support us and help us to build our dream, we’re offering you the fruit of our hearts and minds in return 🙂

Click HERE to enter our crowdfunding account.



Pim van de Werken

June 30th, 2015

Today, we had the honor of having producer Pim van de Werken in our studio all day long. Given the fact that in the process of making an album it’s pretty useful to have people around to give their opinion about the songs, he was the right choice. It was an inspiring and refreshing experience to work with him; he’s the kind of guy that creates a lot of room for the songs to be heard and treats every idea with respect. Also, he let’s you finish your sentences -even when you get lost in what you were trying to say- but most importantly: He shares our opinion that the focus in the recordings should always be on the intention. Thank you so much, Pim!



How to move forward

June 23rd, 2015

We came across this article that opened with the line: “How do you move forward?”. We especially liked it, since one of the songs on our album is called: “Moving Forward”. Hopefully this will be inspiring to you too:

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.


Are You With Me?

June 22nd, 2015

Lately, we’ve been working on our album a lot.
We’re zooming in on the songs, dismantling their structures and eventually put them back together.
It’s an exciting and, from time to time, truly frustrating process.
Here’s a translated impression of Johanneke’s point of view as she wrote on her blog:

“These days, I’m writing like crazy. Sometimes I still don’t know what I’m doing after hours. A lot of silly poems, daydreaming of world peace and ideas for a movie come up, but usually I don’t find what I’m looking for on that same evening. It makes me feel guilty towards these poems and the daydreaming, as if they aren’t welcome -as if you’re giving birth to a son while hoping for a daughter-, but that’s just the way it is. As long as you don’t get to the core, you keep wandering around it.
On Saturday evening, there was a funfair in town so I could hear the music pounding and people were screaming. From the window, I had a view on the ferris wheel and again, I had been writing for hours without getting anywhere. The thought of all the songs that still needed lyrics and jealousy towards the people on the funfair that didn’t have to torment their souls on a paper made me feel miserable. It got worse; I doubted everything. I told Tonny that we should maybe quit NNENN, because we would probably not be able to make anything good again. “Maybe we have to accept that the best part is behind us.” Tonny remained calm -he knows me well- and asked me what I wanted now. Without really having faith in the idea, I replied we might record something. At first, I kept all the written pages in my hand, then I threw them against the wall and thought: “Screw them, these words don’t say what I want to say anyway. I’ll see what comes when I start singing.” Tonny pushed the record button and suddenly I could feel the difference between feeling and thinking. While singing, I noticed that I knew exactly what I wanted to say, the words followed the rhythm and I could immediately bend the sound of my voice to the atmosphere of the music. Image, rhythm, melody and sound became one. “Are You With Me?” was born.
I know now, that the answer sometimes knocks on my door when I surrender to my feelings, don’t expect anything and trust my intuition.”