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Popronde #11 and #12 Enschede!

November 19th, 2016

Yesterday, we were asked to do the Popronde preview in Enschede, because the initial band couldn’t come. We joyfully accepted the invitation and thus played in the greatest bookstore of Enschede, Boekhandel Broekhuis. Famous Enschede photographer Cyril Wermers took some pictures:
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We once played in a bookstore before, in our hometown Deventer: Boekhandel Praamstra. That was lovely too. Since Johanneke was born in Enschede and her parents and some family still live there, they invited us to eat with them in between the two shows. They also invited family from Nijmegen to watch the show in the evening, which was great fun. On top of it all, her brother and his wife and friends came to support us. The gig in the evening in Het Vestzaktheater turned out to be pretty exciting. Rein, the theater host had to send at least forty people away, because all the seats were taken. It was an intense last show, you could hear a pin drop and you could feel that the words were really heard. You wouldn’t probably imagine NNENN in a theater (we wouldn’t either), but it worked wonderfully well, so perhaps we’ll be doing that more often in the future 🙂 It was interesting to see that it worked to tell something about the songs and our album. On a festival, you don’t really do that much.
Pascal, Johanneke and family from Nijmegen captured by Marion
Pascal, Johanneke and family from Nijmegen captured by Marion 

After the show, we stayed in Enschede, hanging with some fellow musicians such as members of The Royal Engineers and the guys from The Grand East. One of them turns out to be our neighbor which is really funny, because we’ve never met in Deventer before. Popronde Enschede and Popronde Nederland, thank you so much for all the wonderful experiences, see you all the 26th of November in Amsterdam at the final party!