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Popronde #7 Oss!

October 31st, 2016

Sadly, we couldn’t play in Leiden, because Tonny was ill. He slept for three days in a row. Luckily, he recovered in time for our gig at De Nieuwe Wereld in Oss. DNW is a great, hip place on the cozy town’s square that fits our music wonderfully well. While sound checking, they played Let it Happen by Tame Impala. It’s from their album Currents that we discovered while exploring the coast of France. We listen to it a lot at home too, so it made us feel at home as well as on vacation 🙂 Along with a proper PA system, there was a big sub woofer, which made Tonny’s sounds and beats come out great. We haven’t had the luxury of having a sub woofer on many Popronde occasions. While we opened our set, many more people entered the venue. If she wanted to, Johanneke could easily touch people’s noses in the audience 🙂 After the show, we talked to some of them and to our surprise, we sold five cd’s! Happy and inspired, we returned home.
Picture via instagram account @dnwoss

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