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Popronde update

October 26th, 2016

So far, we’re blessed with great Popronde experiences on cool places all over the country.
This is another picture of our gig in Chez Ratatouille, Hengelo. It was taken by Lidewij Olive Photography, thank you Lidewij!


Next Popronde shows:

-27-10, Popronde Leiden, 22:30 @Meneer Jansen
-29-10, Popronde Oss, 21:45 @De Nieuwe Wereld
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 09:00 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-05-11,  Popronde Rotterdam, 19:45 @Hostel Ani and Hakim
-06-11, Popronde Zutphen, 18:00 @Mixxim
-18-11, Popronde Enschede, 20:30 @Vestzaktheater


Popronde #6 Hengelo!

October 25th, 2016

Popronde Hengelo was even better than we hoped for! On a sunny afternoon, we arrived in the hidden theatre, called Chez Ratatouille that reminded us of a The Red Room in Twin Peaks, a fantastic, inspiring series, we just discovered last year. We truly enjoyed playing with the whole band. That hasn’t occurred often before. Our hosts took good care of us and made us lovely food and a dessert that’s still making our mouths watering, thinking back on it. (creamy Custard pudding and apple crumble pie with nuts), Again, we had an attentive, mixed audience (Johanneke’s brother arrived with his wife and their three children aged from 0 to 5). To our surprise, Bas and Maike from Productiehuis Oost-Nederland came by for support. Playing with all four definitely tastes like more! There were a lot of photographers that took some great shots, don’t you wish you’d have been there? 😉

Johanneke by Click Rick Photography

The whole band (sadly, Pascal is hidden behind a plant) by Click Rick Photography 

Jurriaan by Hiske van Keulen

Pascal by Click Rick Photography