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Marike Jager came to visit

April 30th, 2015

Marike Jager paid us a visit twice to help us with our songs and performance. The first time we met, Henk-Jan Heuvelink joined her. We played the whole set for them. In the beginning it felt a bit awkward, but during the performance we got more comfortable.

Afterwards we talked about the different songs, the order in which we played them and the stage setup. We didn’t have a clear vision on these things yet; our focus had been mostly on the music. At the end we discussed the different songs separately and Marike and Henk-Jan really managed to get to the core. We felt connected with their comments, which felt like a great leap forward.

The second time Marike came along, she was astonished by the progress we had made in the meantime, that felt really good! She came up with a creative idea to finish the last song, which we will try out on our next gig.

Thank you so much, Marike and Henk Jan for helping us!