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Music video Shine Down Back out now!

April 9th, 2017

Here it is! Our brand new music video Shine Down Back by Krischan de Beer and his team. We’re super proud and hope you like it!

NNENN Shine Down Back (official videoclip)

Music: NNENN (Johanneke ter Stege and Tonny Nobel)
Lyrics: Johanneke ter Stege
Beats: Tonny Nobel
Cello: Jurriaan Westerveld
Drums: Pascal Schouten

Directed by: Krischan de Beer, Jonathan de Haan
Produced by: Krischan de Beer, Michel Geurts
Concept: Krischan de Beer, Stefanie Hatzis, Johanneke ter Stege, Tonny Nobel
Artworks by: Jelle de Graaf

Thanx to: Floor Pieper, Maurice Vlot, Jelle Kaufmann, Adriaan Kamphuis, Hendrik Landwehr, The Loch, Skip Stein.

A production by: Karuh, Film Collectief and 6 Monkeys

Wastepaper waits in rainy streets
neatly arranged in cardboard piles
headlines dissolve as life pours down
what has become of the stories?

Truth is a force between the lines
shifting through those who fall behind
no room for grief or sweet revenge
now is the time to recover

Shine down, shine back on me
shine down back

Nobody knows what you intend
dark is the night before it ends
hope is a dead bird in a jar
where will you take me tomorrow?

Shine down, shine back on me
shine down back

I want eat your light
I want to glow inside
I want eat your light
I want to glow inside

Shine down, shine back on me
shine down back


Shooting NNENN video #3

December 21st, 2016

This weekend, we did the takes for our new music video Shine down back on me. We could use great locations as we started at a workplace that belongs to The Loch, Enschede, where the works of artist Jelle de Graaf are stalled. It was pretty cold inside already, but Johanneke had to walk bare-feet on a frozen path outside as well. Let’s say that was a challenge ­čśë A day later, we moved to the (cozy and warm) home of our set-dresser Stefanie and eventually, we did takes on the road. Pretty exhausted, but with a smile on our faces, we went home. We can’t wait to see the first results. Thanks a lot to the whole crew:┬áStefanie Hatzis (set dresser), Michel Geurts (concept designer), Jonathan de Haan (co-director), Maurice Vlot (crew), Jelle Kaufmann (crew), Adriaan Epleptic (crew), Floor Pieper (make-up artist), Skip Stein (crew), Jelle de Graaf (artist), Jurriaan Westerveld (band), Pascal Schouten (band) and of course the one that initiated the whole project: Krischan de Beer (film maker).