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Popronde #1 Delft!

September 24th, 2016

Our first Popronde show at Cafe Tango in Delft was one big adventure. “Shit was on”, said drummer Pascal, with whom we played for the very first time. Having caught an interesting glimpse of Nairobi Golf Kid, the band that played before us, it started off chaotic (two cars full of equipment and less than half an hour to build-up and soundcheck in a crowded cafĂ© is a challenge, to say the least) “Welcome to the Popronde, you’ll get used to it”, they told us. During our first two songs you could hear a pin drop. We followed with heavier songs like “Don’t Drink the Ink” and “I’m Ready”. It was great to feel how much extra power you have when you play with a drummer. Pascal is not just a drummer; he meticulously feels which intention is required per song. Occasionally, he made his basins weep by sliding their edges with the cello bow. On that way, each of us could come into its own. There were moments where piano and cello became one. With the adrenaline from winning the Talent Award in Zwolle still fresh in her blood, Johanneke wasn’t nervous at all. This made it possible for everyone to simply enjoy playing together.

Johanneke winning Talent Award Overijssel

At times, she stepped into the audience to sing the words straight in the faces. We ended up playing a lot longer than planned with a great, attentive and clear-cut audience. On to the next!