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Shooting NNENN video #3

December 21st, 2016

This weekend, we did the takes for our new music video Shine down back on me. We could use great locations as we started at a workplace that belongs to The Loch, Enschede, where the works of artist Jelle de Graaf are stalled. It was pretty cold inside already, but Johanneke had to walk bare-feet on a frozen path outside as well. Let’s say that was a challenge ­čśë A day later, we moved to the (cozy and warm) home of our set-dresser Stefanie and eventually, we did takes on the road. Pretty exhausted, but with a smile on our faces, we went home. We can’t wait to see the first results. Thanks a lot to the whole crew:┬áStefanie Hatzis (set dresser), Michel Geurts (concept designer), Jonathan de Haan (co-director), Maurice Vlot (crew), Jelle Kaufmann (crew), Adriaan Epleptic (crew), Floor Pieper (make-up artist), Skip Stein (crew), Jelle de Graaf (artist), Jurriaan Westerveld (band), Pascal Schouten (band) and of course the one that initiated the whole project: Krischan de Beer (film maker).